Reward achievements and verify skills

Equip your learners with the tools to succeed by awarding them stackable, shareable, verifiable Open Badges.

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Badges that build towards success

Build motivation and increase retention by recognizing each milestone along your learners’ pathways. Once they earn the required badges, award them capstone credentials that encapsulate and showcase all their work.

Badges that build towards success

Stackable Badges

Competitor badges

Other platforms create piles of loosely linked badges. They don’t display individual work and they don’t stack towards any larger achievement.

Stackable badges leading to a credential badges

Our Open Badges-compliant stackable badges lead from one to the next, just like your learning objectives. Not only that, but our badges culminate in a capstone credential, showcasing all your learners' hard work.

best credentials

Recognize your students’ achievements

Award badges for high grades, leveling up skills, discrete accomplishments, attendance, or anything else. Then track your badges for learner rewards and recognitions.

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Give your students a way to showcase their skills

With our video, audio, photo, and PDF embedding features, you can add proof to each badge, so hiring managers can see students' real, verified skills.

improve student outcomes

Add motivation to every milestone

Encourage high quality student work by rewarding learning achievements. As learners earn badges, their confidence and attention increases too.

Capstone credential with stackable badges

Unlimited Badges

Don’t get stuck counting and divvying up badges among your programs and courses. You need to deliver badges when and where your students need recognition and motivation, so enjoy unlimited badging with each purchased capstone credential.

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