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The anatomy of an ideal certificate

Verified on the Blockchain

Every single Digit.Ink certificate is issued on the blockchain. It's not an add-on, it's not a "pro" feature. It's built right in, so if you issue a certificate with Digit.Ink, it lasts forever on the web of trust.

Downloadable and Shareable

Our certificates can be downloaded as an image, a PDF, or a JSON file. They can be added to your digital wallet, shared on social media, and linked on a webpage or email signature.

Pixel-Perfect Certificates

Our advanced visual editor lets you craft your ideal certificate. Upload custom backgrounds, style variable text, add signatures and QR codes. It's all at your fingertips. Don't want to spend the time making your own? Choose from any of our advanced certificate templates.

100% Interoperable

Our Blockcerts-compliant certificates adhere to international standards such as Open Badges, ensuring interoperability and reliability. In other words, even if our site is down, your certificates can still be verified elsewhere.

Issuer Showcase

A certificate is only as good as the institution that issues it. That's why we highlight the issuers: including their logo, company description, and a link back to their website.

Extra Description

Add context to your certificate by describing what it means to receive one.

Secure Media Showcase

Add all sorts of rich media in a completely safe way with our industry-first system. Include student project videos, link to reports or web pages, embed images or audio files, and add pieces of text.

Five minutes to design and issue

With tons of customizable, professionally-designed templates, as well as the ability to upload your own—you’ll always have the perfect design at your fingertips. From badges to certificates of completion, there’s nothing you can’t make in 5 minutes.

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Credential Comparison

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Credential Comparison

Design and issue exactly what you need, no matter your organization or industry.

  • Education
  • Certificates of Completion

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    Student/Faculty IDs

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    Stackable Badges

  • test results icon

    Test Results

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  • Licensing
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    Exam Results

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    Member IDs

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    Stackable Badges

  • Healthcare
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    Medical Forms

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    Clearance Badges/IDs

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    Vaccination Records

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