Supercharge your student placement process

Give your students more than just a signed piece of paper—give them a competitive advantage in the hiring market, with content-rich, verifiable credentials.

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Showcasing your students’ skills will raise their job opportunities

Including recommendations, presentations, reports, and other media shows hiring managers why your students are top candidates—all on one page.

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Enhance your brand with professional credentials

Turn your graduates into walking brand ambassadors by sending them into the world with impressively well-designed credentials.

Remove all doubt about your students’ education

Because every credential is verifiable on the blockchain, no one can pretend to have attended your program—and employers will know your students really did.

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Our fellowships offer tangible learning opportunities to some of our best students, and now we can help them present that to the world through these digital certificates.


Associate Director of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia

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Motivate and recognize learner achievements with stackable badges that actually carry meaning.

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Create and issue the perfect credentials for your needs: from IDs to diplomas and everything in between.

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