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Replace your antiquated paper credentials and inconvenient PDFs with shareable, fraud-proof, personalized credentials.

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Easily add to LinkedIn

One click autofills and adds a credential or badge to a recipient's LinkedIn profile. Recipients can also share posts to Facebook, X (Twitter), and more.

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Google Sheets Compatible

If your recipients' data is recorded using Google Forms or stored in Google Sheets, then all you'll have to is paste the URL—our system will do the rest.

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Embed PDFs, videos, images, Google Drive files, and more

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video, a PDF, a slide deck, a spreadsheet, AND a text document worth? You can add each of these and more to your credential, making it so anyone will understand exactly what your organization does and what recipients of your credential have accomplished.

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Five minutes to design and issue credentials

With tons of customizable, professionally-designed templates, as well as the ability to upload your own—you’ll always have the perfect design at your fingertips.

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Print & ship with one click

No more hassle with InDesign, mail merging, postage, or shipping labels. And thanks to each certificate's QR code, printed copies are just as secure—even more secure than certified mail!

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No vendor lock-in

Since our credentials are portable, independently verifiable, and don’t rely on’s existence, there’s no vendor lock-in. Issuers and recipients own their own data.
We use the Open Badges, Verifiable Credentials, and Blockcerts standards, among others. Our credentials are also JSON-LD format for painless API integration.

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Our fellowships offer tangible learning opportunities to some of our best students, and now we can help them present that to the world through these digital certificates.
Laura Toscano, Associate Director of Social Entrepreneurship at UVA


Associate Director of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia

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