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Replace your antiquated paper credentials and inconvenient PDFs with shareable, fraud-proof, personalized credentials.

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Your perfect credential

Easily combine photos, text, signatures, PDFs, logos, videos, QR codes... and just about anything else you can think of. With, you can create anything from a transcript to a membership card.

Credential issuing system

Five minutes to design and issue

With tons of customizable, professionally- designed templates, as well as the ability to upload your own—you’ll always have the perfect design at your fingertips. From badges to certificates of completion, there’s nothing you can’t make in 5 minutes.

multi-format credentials and badges

Badges, certificates, and everything in between

Whether you want to award badges to your students or ID cards to your members, our flexible issuing system lets you create any kind of credential quickly, easily, and securely.

Badges that build towards success

Stackable badges leading to a credential

True Stacking

Our Open Badge compliant stackable badges lead from one to the next, just like your learning objectives. Not only that, but our badges culminate in a capstone credential, showcasing all your learners' hard work.

Capstone credential with stackable badges

Unlimited Badges

Don’t get stuck counting and divvying up badges among your programs and courses. You need to deliver badges when and where your students need recognition and motivation, so enjoy unlimited badging with each purchased capstone credential.

Our fellowships offer tangible learning opportunities to some of our best students, and now we can help them present that to the world through these digital certificates.


Associate Director of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia

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What sets apart

save money

Cuts costs—and increases revenue

Our credentials can be more than 90% cheaper than using paper certificates. Offer them to students for free, or charge a fee!

verifiable credentials

Super Secure

More secure than Certified Mail, PDFs, webpages, or anything in between, our credentials are 100% fraud-proof, even when printed. We adhere to the best standards, such as GDPR and CPRA.

credentialing standards


Our credentials are 100% fraud-proof, so we vet our partners thoroughly before letting them issue credentials.



Our credentials can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks. They can also be e-mailed, added to resumes, or linked in websites.

print-ready credentials

Print Ready

Thanks to each credential's QR code, printed copies are just as secure—even more secure than certified mail! So there's no stress about printing and sharing.


Insanely future-proof

Our credentials are designed for new Web 3.0 standards, so they’ll work for a very long time.

Connected to all the apps you use

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