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VisitAble helps brick and mortar businesses become accessible to mobility-impaired customers. In addition to inspecting and reviewing their accessibility, VisitAble certifies businesses that complete training in “disability etiquette and mobility barriers.

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The Challenge

VisitAble wanted a credential so businesses they certify can proudly show off their accessibility. With credentials needed for both brick-and-mortar and online storefronts, the specifications for this project were fairly complex.

Credential Requirements

  1. Usable as a sticker businesses can display in their windows
  2. Links to the full online credential
  3. Has an expiration date

Credential Information Requirements

  1. Shows criteria for having received the certification
  2. Shows a summary of the recipient's VisitAble review
  3. Shows a recipient's logo
  4. Links to recipient's full review on VisitAble's website

Distribution Requirements

  1. Must be scannable and intelligible to accessibility-impaired customers
  2. When shown as a badge on businesses' websites, it must link back to the original

Each representation of the credential links to the others


The Process

We worked with VisitAble to create these lists of requirements, starting by asking VisitAble to describe their ideal credential.

Our platform's features for sharing and additional media made VisitAble's array of requirements much simpler to fulfill, enabling us to spend more time on sticker and badge designs while VisitAble's team compiled supporting information.

We met (online) to review and iterate on not only the credential design but also the presentation of their data. We then wrote and tested custom embed codes that VisitAble’s clients could easily deploy on their websites, linking back to their credentials.

VisitAble License Badge
Credential goal

The Results

When VisitAble’s certified businesses opened the email containing their shareable credentials, they also found stickers to display in their windows and ready-to-use HTML to display badges on their website. These three assets provided VisitAble’s clients a visually impactful, personalized experience—in line with VisitAble’s great customer service.

Together they form a one-stop solution for physical and digital credentials: the stickers identify accessible locations to the mobility-impaired offline while the website badges roll out the welcome mat online.

From storefronts to websites, we helped make mobility-impaired accessibility—accessible! provides a unique way for certification companies to provide authentic digital certifications to their customers. I highly recommend them to any other certification business.


Founder and CEO of VisitAble

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